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Healthcare, education, e-commerce, and logistics industries have a growing need for commercial space. The government’s Pradhan Mantri AwasYojan (PMAY) program, which aims to build 20 million (2 crores) affordable dwellings across the country, is likely to impact the residential industry significantly. Commercial and retail office space will be in high demand as a result of this.

It is predicted that by 2025, the global Co-Living market will grow twofold, to $ 14 billion. In 2020, the Indian real estate industry received US$ 5 billion in institutional investments. In addition, there are five exciting job prospects in the real estate business.

There are some interesting facts concerning Indian real estate websites Of the 100 people who seek a home in India, seventy-five do so online before deciding on which property to purchase. To put it another way, this figure of 75 percent includes duplicates, which suggests that the number 75 isn’t entirely reliant on internet portals. In light of this data, developers should include property portals in their marketing efforts. For your convenience, I’ve collected this list of the best real estate websites in India that Google indexes.

Listing your home on the best real estate websites in India

SASTAA GHAR is a start-up company formed in 2020 with its highly innovative promoters Mr.Vinay Dubey, Mr.Himanshu Agarwal and Mr. Dinesh Varma, pioneered in Real estate, Finance and Marketing with a experience of more than 15 years with a vision and aim to simplify the real estate process, by building the real estate platform pairing with top talent with technology to make the search, buy and sell experience seamless and simplified.

SASTAA GHAR is based in Mumbai, and India’s property portal which deals with every aspect of consumer real estate needs. It is an online forum where buyers, sellers and brokers/agents can exchange information about real estate properties quickly, effectively and inexpensively. At SASTAA GHAR, you can advertise a property, search for a property, browse through properties, build your own property micro site, and keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends making headlines in the reality sector as well providing Loan services and interior services at once through simple click.

SASTAA GHAR is spreading its wings with the solutions driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of brand, SastaaGhar is the future of real estate.



In terms of income creation, not user experience, this firm and Magicbricks are neck-and-neck.

One of the most popular brands in the real estate market, with millions of views from potential homebuyers.

The site isn’t as visually appealing as Magicbricks, but sellers should still explore 99acres.


It’s only a matter of time before its 3.5 million visitors overtake Magicbricks.

Another property website, Proptiger, has purchased and, making it India’s largest real estate property displayer, each with its USP.

Additionally, teamed up with Uber so that purchasers could get there in a few clicks without having to leave the site.

For buyers on the go, has launched Housing Go, a smartphone app that allows them to browse properties.

Even in their TV advertising, concentrates on first-time buyers between the ages of 25 and 40, which is the one distinct reason sellers should consider

Roof and Floor

Hindu Group has launched their online property portal roof and floor to compete with MagicBricks, which industry tycoon Times Group sponsors.

Despite being supported by the Hindu Group, this company came to market more later than expected.

The developer argues that everybody who reads The Hindu newspaper on weekends will learn about roof and floor because of the developer’s assertion. It’s not clear what coders get out of it.

There is no compelling rationale for buyers to reinvest in a roof and a floor when they already have many well-established alternatives like Magicbricks and 99acres. To put it another way, ceiling and floor are only one of several internet real estate portals.

Sulekha Properties

A well-known classified website in India, Sulekha also has a presence in the real estate sector.

As with other real estate websites, Property (dot)sulekha(dot)com operates in the online real estate industry.

Magicbricks and 99acres look more professional, but this one has good market momentum despite its clumsy appearance.

Realtors on a tight budget can check out sulekha properties, which is India’s least expensive real estate portal.

Google Ads are still used by Sulekha properties, which may distract and divert real estate buyers away from the site, resulting in them ending up somewhere else.Sulekha may want to reconsider including this function on their website.

Common Floor

An online classified Quickr later purchased Grabhouse, founded by IITians and eventually acquired by Quickr (another property site).

More than 5 million houses in 200 cities were posted on Commonfloor, which received more than 70 million page hits in a month from all over the world.

In addition to simply being a property listing website, Commonfloor has improved the user experience by implementing Virtual Reality features.

Real estate purchasers can now experience a live visit to houses using CommonFloor Retina virtual reality technology. Virtual access to all of the rooms in their new house lets them get a sense of what they’ll be living in.


There are six lakh+ properties on this Chennai-based property site, and there are two lakh+ happy purchasers throughout the country.

Assisted Property, the company’s most popular service, gives comprehensive support throughout the whole process of purchasing a home.

3D floor plans and virtual tours are embedded into CommonfloorIndiaproperty’s technology, ensuring that purchasers enjoy a personalized experience while browsing homes online.

If this website claims to be India’s top property site with just 3 million unique visitors every month, I am a little perplexed.

Quikr Homes

With quikr houses, India’s largest online classifieds site, the real estate market became even more saturated.

Quikr, a pioneer in promoting used products, has various verticals, such as quikr easy, quikr bikes, quikr cars, and Quikr Bazaar.

Almost identical to what other major competitors in the market are doing, nothing fresh or distinctive.


NoBroker is one of the most popular rental websites on the Internet. There is a direct link between property owners and buyers.

It works better in the renting market since the tenant is responsible for broker fees in that segment. At the same time, the developer is responsible for broker fees that aren’t imposed on the end buyer in the buying segment.

Unlike established portals, no broker’s revenue model is unique.

Property Wala

Propertywala is simply one of many Indian real estate portals where you can list your Property. A single listing is provided free to individuals like homeowners, whereas builders and real estate agencies must pay a fee.

Numerous listings across the country, yet the website doesn’t leave users with the want to return.

Home shikary

All of TTK Property’s properties are listed on this website. They have properties in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Try this site if you’re looking for properties in these cities.

The TTK Property owns all of the properties featured on this website. On this page, you can see the entire list. This website’s user interface is relatively straightforward. You’ll be able to locate properties that meet your needs. Using this website, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about the paperwork and other property-related concerns.


Another fantastic real estate website is Nestaway. If you’re looking for it, it’s now available in the following cities: Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

For anyone seeking properties in these cities, our site is the best place to begin. Renting is an option available to their customers. You have the option of staying in a house, renting a private room, or sharing a room.

You book a visit if you wish to see the Property in person. This will allow you to inspect the home before committing to purchase thoroughly. You can also pay the token amount here. When it comes to making the payment, you don’t have to be concerned.

In addition, there is a referral program on this site.

Earning points is as simple as recommending a friend or loved one to our website. This function is ideal for children. By referring others to our website, they can earn a substantial number of bonus points.

The best part about this website is that it’s helpful to both landlords and tenants. Everything you need to know about the tenant is readily available. Owners of residential properties can also make a tidy sum of money by utilizing this website.




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