New and trendy ideas along with vastu to decorate a couple bedroom

decorate a couple bedroom

New and trendy ideas along with vastu to decorate a couple bedroom

Every corner of a house is special. Some people have a lot of attachment to any particular corner or room of their house. Where they spends their happy moments. At the same time in sorrow or sad moments they want to be in the same corner. Amidst all this, the bedroom of a couple remains very important.

Whether the couple is new or the old bedroom should be special for everyone

Whether couples are old or newly wedded bedroom is very important for everyone. In such a situation, having a chaotic bedroom creates a mess in the relationship. That’s why it is very important to be equipped of the bedroom so that the relation of couple is filled with love and harmony. Some such trends and things that not only make you beautiful, but also increase the love between couples even more. Fills their relationship beautifully.

Preference of working couples

Nowadays most of couples are working in such a situation, they have to go to another city for work. That’s why couples are giving more importance to fully furnished studio apartment of the house rather than traditional flats. The fellow industrial look is also being liked more. Industrial look include wooden,iron, furniture, black and white, photographs, etc. Along with this, by young couples Right now instead of heavy weight furniture, lightweight furniture is being preferred. so that the house gets a clean look and if the time comes to shift then they should not have to face much problem.The walls of the house are being preferred more as a collage of family photos instead of with lots of photo frames. On the other hand, instead of bright color, white or solid color is being used more, keeping in mind on budget raw wooden is also being preferred more. In comparison to others materials it do not require much maintenance.

Vastu should also taken care in bedroom of a couple

Along with the modern trends, couples must also take care of some things of Vastu in their bedroom so that the relationship remains full of love and negative energy does not enter the house, life becomes funful.

The room of the newly married couples should be made in the North-West direction of the house. The color of the walls and curtains of the room should not be dark, if the room is in the right direction, love increases and if the selection of colors is right, then the tension in the relationship decreases. Talking about the sleeping position, for maintaining proper harmony in married life, the wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.Never put a mirror in front of the sleeping bed, if it is not possible to remove the mirror, then cover it as much as possible. Bed should never be kept in the north-east direction, such things brings dullness in relationship. Couples should never hang violence pics on the walls of the bedroom, also should not put any sad photos, couples should decorate the wall with pictures of beautiful views.

By adopting small measures, you can make your bedroom beautiful on the one hand, you can also fill your married life with love.

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