Re use old items to decorate your house with creativity

Re use old items to decorate your house with creativity

Re use old items to decorate your house with creativity

There are many such items lying in the house of all of us, which do not use or use so many times so we became bore and do not want to use any more so they are lying in some corner of the house like junk. Due to being attached with such type of items often we do not even want to remove them from the house. On another hand that lying in any corner so beauty of the house also keeps on spoil. But now by adopting a little creativity, the house can be made beautiful with this junk. Let us know that some such jugaads make the house a storehouse of beauty.

Old glass bottles can used as decorative item

bottle craft

we all have old glass bottels in our house. These bottles can be used as a decorative item in the house with a little decoration. For this, first of all clean the bottle. Dry it thoroughly from both inside and outside. After that, by painting one color on it, make different patterns on it with other colors or leave the plane bottle unpainted and put different types of lights inside it, it can also be used for decoration. .

Re use tire as planter or flower pot of your garden

Re use tire as planter

Now whenever you change the tire of the car, instead of throwing away the old tire, take it home. Paint it with dark colour and filled with soil and small plants can be grown in it, which will look very unique and beautiful.Along with this, the tire of the car can also be used for sitting. Paint it with any solid colour and put some thick cloth on it like a cushion and keep it in your sitting area, on which you can sit comfortably and spend your relaxing moments while sipping tea and watching the views.

Re use old jeans as various products


When your jeans get old, then learn to use it, you can make it a cushion cover by cutting small pieces. A mat can be made by combining pieces of colored jeans. Which is in trend. Re use old jeans to make apron, sometimes you can also make skirts for small children. Bags made of jeans clothes are very much in trend right now, so without any cost, with just a little creativity, you can make many Delhi-use things from old jeans.

Old bangles, photo frames and watch can also be used

Mostly girls and women use bangles to enhance beauty of their hand but when it become old, often women throw it here and there. But now they can be used as wall hangings as door latkans. Bangles can be made more beautiful by wrapping threads or colored cloth also colored paper. Thereafter it can be used as decorative items.The old wall clocks of the house or such photo frames that have lost their colour. You can use them to decorate the house in a very beautiful way by applying a little creativity. Old photo frames that lost their color paint over it with a bit of nail polish or with glittery colours or Paint it in any way you like and then print out any scene of your choice and put it in them. It definitely will give stunning look to your walls.

Using little bit of creative mind certainly you can give very different look to your home.

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