While building the house, keep the attention of Vastu along with the interior

While building the house, keep the attention of Vastu along with the interior

While building the house, keep the attention of Vastu along with the interior.
Any person, whether he live in the city or in the village, financially weak or strong, everyone want to make their dream house . Such a place where he spends happy moments with his family in peace. Some day all people make their dreams come true. But after the construction of the house, the kind of attention given to the interior and exterior decoration remains equally important that there are some things to be kept in mind before and while building the house.

How to choose land to built home

The dream of home start from buying land, while buying land keep in mind that the plot may be rectangular or square. It is also important to note that there should never be any religious place in front of land. It is believed that if the shadow of a religious place falls on the land, then that land becomes unfit for human habitation. Also be sure about it that the land ki sooryabhedi or chandra bhedi.

After this, at the time of foundation of the house, use only good quality material in it because the house is built only once in life. Therefore, the material of construction should always be good so that it remains durable for a long time.

Most important to take care of Vastu

The tradition of Vastu is very old in Indian society. Therefore, if Vastu is taken care of at the time of construction of the house, then happiness, peace and prosperity remains in the family.some important fact that never should be ignored at the time of construction are as follows,

1- The main entrance of the house should always be in North East or South East.

2- Most of the windows and doors of the house should be towards the north.

3- The temple of the house should be in the North East.

4-For children’s studies, and office work room should be in the east-north or north-east direction.

5-Bathroom should be like East. The same toilet should be built in South West or South.

6-The stairs of the house should be made in the south or west direction.

7-The drainage of water from the building should be made in the north direction.

8-If all the windows of the house open towards the north or east direction, then it is believed that happiness and prosperity will come in the house.

Along with Vastu, there are some other things that must be kept in mind while building a house

–The roofs of the house should be made at least 11 to 12 feet high, if it is possible, then a little higher than that.

–Before start of construction work, make sure to get the Boundaru Wall done on the ground and keep the boundary wall as high as possible. It is believed that along with security, if the boundary wall is high, then negative forces can also not enter the house.

–while installation of water tank in the house. Be sure to take care of its drainage pipe.

–Never build your mandir near the toilet.

The construction of the house is started in the months of May(Baisakh) December(Aghhan)January (poush)and March(Fagun). All these months are considered very auspicious in Vastu as well as religious way.

If you are now preparing to construct the house of your dreams, then start it as soon as possible.

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